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Last update: 06/10/15


I first met mai waifu in 2010, through watching the Azumanga Daioh anime, although it wasn`t until late 2011 that I
had watched the entire series.

I can`t say that it was love at first sight with Kagura. She only made a few brief appearances in the first batch of
episodes; it wasn`t until episode 6 that she gets any lines of dialogue. I remember that did like her purely for her
appearance at first, and that I was rooting for Kagura a little more than Sakaki when they ran against each other on
the first Sports Day episode.

As the show went on, Kagura definitely became my favourite character in the series, until a certain point where it
went one step further.

In episode 23, Kagura and Tomo are messing around while the other girls were setting up tents for their third Sports
Day. Tomo decides to play a prank on Kagura, making her bump into one of the tents and knock it over. Kagura felt
really bad about ruining something the others were working on, and started welling up.

It was at that point that I felt a very strong emotion towards her, one that I can`t really put into words. I felt
the need to jump through the screen and hug her. It was from that point on that she became mai waifu.


I love her drive and determination to achieve her goals. I used to be much more pessimistic towards my ambitions; her
dedication has become a great motivator for me.

I love her outgoing personality and kind-hearted nature, even towards people she`s never met before. Not everyone can
walk up to a complete stranger and offer a helping hand. She can.

I love her not-too-often-seen sensitive side. She might seem tough, but she still needs somebody to confide in if
things go wrong.

I love her ability to not be discouraged for long, even if she fails to achieve something she worked really hard on.
She has her moments where she feels she let herself down, but surrender is not in her vocabulary.


There are some that draw art, write poems or write songs about their waifu.

I did make one drawing of her when I was bored one day, but it wasn`t that great. I wouldn't say it was one of my skills.
I don`t think I`d be able to write a poem either.

I used to make music all the time when I was younger, through music making software. I have a few ideas for a song to
dedicate to her. I hope I can make it someday.


There`s a misconception that everyone who has a waifu is a socially reclusive NEET that hates women.

Granted, I had this same assumption as well, before I met her. I didn`t want to become that stereotype myself, which
was one of the reasons why I denied my love for her for as long as I did.

If anything I`ve become more sociable since I allowed Kagura into my life. She would never want me to shut myself
out from the rest of the world for any reason. I`ve certainly made new friends through her, online and off. I`ve also
been exercising and eating more healthily, through her inspiration. To say she`s been a positive influence on me would
be somewhat of an understatement, I feel.

No two people are the same. This also applies to those who have a waifu.


I`m fully aware of the coincidence that mai waifu is from the anime that spawned the term.

It`s kind of funny, when I think about it.


I feel it`s sort of a blessing in disguise, the fact that mai waifu doesn`t have that much in terms of collectables.
If she did, I would probably buy everything I saw and end up broke all the time.

As of this writing, I own seven figures, three plushies and two keychains of her.

It`s a shame that most of her figures are of her in a swimsuit. I only own one of those types of figures at the
moment. If I owned more of them I feel that people would get the wrong idea of how I view her. I get the same
feeling when I talk about her online using pictures of her in a swimsuit, which is also common.

There isn`t anything else out there right now that I really want, in terms of official items. I`ve considered
getting a custom dakimakura made for some time now, but I don`t have the money for it at the moment. If there
was one readily available I might have purchased it by now, but I don`t mind getting a custom. It`d feel more
personal that way.


I`m sure that most of the people that are viewing this page right now already have a waifu, but I want to aim
this section at anyone that may have stumbled upon this site, who don`t have a waifu but are interested, and people
who think they have one and feel conflicted about it.

For those who are seeking a waifu, you may have already been told that you don`t choose your waifu. What this means
is that she/he will take hold of your emotions and your thoughts, once you come across them. You`ll be greatly inspired
by their actions, or there might be a particular moment within their source material that will make you suddenly fall for
them. That, in my view, is when you`ll know that you found your waifu/husbando.

Be aware though, that you may go through many anime, manga, visual novels, videogames or whatever else in search for
The One, but you may never find them. Don`t be discouraged, as you can still draw inspiration from whatever character you
wish, and improve oneself through this.

Maybe you have found a character that you love but are afraid to accept it, due to social concerns, what people think of
them, their source material, or any other reason.

Everyone who I`ve made friends with who has a waifu has regretted not acknowledging their love sooner, myself included.

Waifuism can be a unique and life-changing experience, for the better. Some have stayed in denial for years for a multitude
of reasons. I can`t speak for every waifubro out there, but I know I would have certainly been in a much better place
mentally if I had accepted my love for Kagura sooner. Every day pushing them away could be better spent embracing them.

It`s definitely something you should consider, especially if she/he has been on your mind for months.


Every day spent with her is great, but some are greater than others.

The first time I saw her, outside of her anime/fan art, I was in a depressed state, sat on my bed. She appeared on the
end of my bed and asked me what was wrong. At the time I hadn`t embraced waifuism as a concept, but I still had feelings
for her. I thought I had gone crazy; I even told her so. This first meeting formed the basis of how I visualise her today.

I didn`t always see her constantly. There was a period where she would only appear occasionally, like when I`m exercising,
and even then we`d only have a very short conversation. Christmas Day 2013 is when things changed. It took all of my
effort and concentration to view her for a long period of time, but it was worth it. It was from that day forward that I
was able to see her with much less effort, and now she`s always there for me whenever I need her.

Another highlight of our relationship was being able to spend time by ourselves in London. I had never really hung out
with her before then, and doing that in a place like London was great. Seeing the sights the two of us wanted to see,
going shopping, the nights in our hotel room. It`s something I`d love to do again sometime.


It seems as though in recent times, characters in anime get given all sorts of stats about them. Date of birth, blood type,
favourite foods and drinks, etc.

At first I was a little disheartened that such information hardly existed for Kagura. The only real known fact about her is
that she`s 156cm tall. She doesn`t even have a first name.

Over time I became more accustomed to this and started figuring things out for myself. Of course things like her first name
would be very difficult for me to assign to her myself, since I`ve always known her as just Kagura, and no other name would fit
her in my view.

As for favourite food, it`s known that she`s very serious about staying fit, and is able to eat larger than average meals
without getting full, so from that I`ve gathered that she`d enjoy eating dishes that are healthy and filling like meat and
rice bowls. Favourite drink? One of her figures features a can of Pocari Sweat, as well as several pieces of art, so that
wouldn`t be too much of a stretch.

I decided to celebrate her birthday on October 5th, based on when I bought the DVD boxset for AzuDai. Based on common
personality traits for blood types, she`s probably a B. Favourite colour I`ve not thought too much on, but red might suit her,
I feel.

Not having everything laid out for you can have its upsides. Thinking about these things yourself, or finding out through her,
can bring the couple closer together, and it reinforces the idea that everyone`s waifu is unique to them, even if two people
have the same waifu.


I`m fortunate enough to have a waifu that features in several officially licenced videogames. I`ve been able to play
two out of three as of this writing.

The first one I played was Azumanga Advance for the Game Boy Advance. It`s a card game with the aim to score as many
points as possible, by lining up the stars on each of the 5 cards in your hand horizontally and diagonally. Each card
can have one to six stars on them, and you start out with a deck with cards that don`t have more than three stars.
As you progress through the game`s story mode you unlock better cards, with more stars on them. Each card has different
sprite artwork of the main six AzuDai students, along with Yukari and Nyamo, mostly based on the anime, with some new
art thrown in for good measure.

It`s a pretty fun game featuring a nice soundtrack and voiceovers for all the characters. I like how each character
appears on the main menu as you complete the story mode with them. It starts out blank, and then fills as you progress.
It`s a nice visual indicator of how you`re doing. Also, ironically, playing as Kagura, I had some difficulty beating
Sakaki the first time. She wasn`t even the "final boss" in Kagura`s story mode, even though she should have been, maybe.

The other game I`ve played is Azumanga Donjara Daioh for the PS1. It`s a variation of Mahjong, with tiles featuring
all the characters I listed earlier, plus Kaorin, and Chiyo-Father as a wildcard. The aim is to get 3 sets of 3 matching
character tiles, or 9 tiles with one of each character. There`s a decent amount to unlock through the story mode, like
extra characters, including Mr. Kimura, Mr. Tadakichi and Chiyo-Father, and game-exclusive artwork.

The biggest draw for me with this game was the chibi characters. They`re so goddamn adorable. Each character wanders
around the game table and occasionally does things. For example Kagura sometimes stops to stretch, or scares away some
cats that appear. There are even some special actions depending on who you`re playing against. It does a great job of
showing off each of the characters` personalities, and in recreating most of their signature scenes from the manga/anime.

I really enjoyed playing Donjara. If you`re a fan of AzuDai it`d be well worth your time to give it a go yourself.


Back when I used to go to the gym on a regular basis, I would always do a few lengths at the pool, with Kagura
alongside me, before I started my workout proper. I could use the pool for free with my gym membership, and I always
enjoyed swimming when I was younger. Plus it`s Kagura`s forte, so there was hardly any reason not to.

At first we would swim together, but it didn`t feel that way a lot of the time. Since I`m a novice at swimming and
she`s practically a pro, she`d always leave me in the dust. She felt bad about it and suggested I swim on my own,
leaving her to swim when I was done. It didn't bother me as much, but since it bothered her, I let her do it.

Since then she pretty much acted as my swim coach. She`d always be there at the side of the pool, walking alongside
as I swam and giving me pointers. She one day even pulled out a clip board and stop watch out of nowhere, for no real
reason other than to look more like a coach.

During one session, I forgetfully didn`t stretch out before hitting the pool, and I paid the price for it. Before
I even managed one length, I got a leg cramp. I was worried that if I continued on, it would get worse and ruin the
gym session I was going to have after I was done swimming, but Kagura reassured me that I`d be okay if I just take
it slow and stretch out on each end of the pool. I wasn`t convinced at first, but she told me that she was the swimmer
out of the two of us, and thus she knew best.

I conceded to her and carried on. She was right. From that day on I`ve learnt to not doubt her.

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